Real Estate Agent | 10 Tips To Pick One In Punta Gorda

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Real Estate Agent | 10 Tips To Pick One In Punta Gorda

Real Estate Agent | Choose Properly

Selecting a real estate agent to facilitate the sale of Punta Gorda real estate is an important decision for anyone. It may be the most important decision you can make that affects your net worth. We are offering 10 tips to guide home and condo sellers through the real estate agent selection process.

Selecting A Great Real Estate Agent1. First of all, it should be understood that a real estate agent is licensed by State governments to protect consumers. It is imperative that you check with your State licensing board to ensure potential selection candidates are currently licensed and in good standing with the board. This information is readily available online these days for ease of access.

Pay Attention To Licensing With A Real Estate Agent

2. Also, check for the type of real estate license held by your final selection candidates. For example,it is much more difficult to pass a test for a Broker license versus an Agent license. This is a hugely overlooked point by most people. When you work directly with a Broker you are working with someone in the top license category. Agents must work under a Broker, so there are many benefits working directly with a Broker. One important benefit to home sellers is negotiating the sales commission percentage. We as a Broker can offer a 4% sales commission fee because we have this top license certification from the State of Florida. As a seller, you should work with a qualified Broker level agent and save thousands of dollars in real estate selling costs.

3. Check to see how long a person has been in the profession. Experience of five years or better means that the individual has had sufficient time to understand the market area and local marketing techniques. The licensee date can also be found on-line at the State website.

4. Review any disciplinary actions or complaints. Most Punta Gorda brokers and agents will have none of these in their record history. For example, the State of Florida offers the following online website to check on real estate license status, disciplinary actions, or complaints.

Avoid Competing Listings With Agents And Their Real Estate Brokers

5. Remember, you are hiring a person, rather than a company. Folks get caught up with long standing real estate agent firms, but forget that the firm/name rarely has any role in helping them. Rather, a large firm only offers competing listings to yours. Wouldn’t you rather sell using a broker level agent that does not represent other listings in your neighborhood? This is another rather very important consideration. If you hire a real estate agent or real estate agent firm handling other competing listings in your neighborhood, you are hiring someone with a conflict of interest.

Following is one example of why this is a mistake. Your neighbor down the street lists their home a couple of months before you. For whatever reason, you decide to hire the same firm or agent. Your neighbors listing Agreement will therefore expire about two months before yours. Let us say your neighbors home has not sold as their listing Agreement nears expiration. The real estate agent and firm the agent works will have a bias to show and feature your neighbors home first. This is clearly not good for you. We advise home sellers to use a different firm and Agent that doesn’t offer competing listings to yours. As a Real Estate Broker, we advise extreme caution here for sellers.

Whether Real Estate Agent Or Broker | Review Their Experience

6. Make sure a prospect has successful transaction history at your price level. It is rather ideal for a real estate agent to have represented activity at your property’s selling price. If you are selling or buying high-rise condos on the beach, make sure that their experience shows that. If you are selling or buying waterfront homes, see that they have been involved with that type of transaction.

7. Also, look for listening skills and attentiveness. It is rather important that a candidate understand what your needs are, and make notes of them. When negotiating for you, they will need to keep these top-of-mind.

8. Enthusiasm and attitude. This is where your instincts should be trusted. Also remember that this person is about to become your representative. Buyers and sellers enjoy dealing with happy and positive people.

Pricing Your Punta Gorda Home For Sale

9. First of all, pricing decisions about your home or condo are very important. A price range should result from a comparative marketing analysis (CMA). The CMA is a detailed calculation comparing similar homes to yours. It is a science really, and only capable real estate agents should complete one. Establish the correct value for your property through a CMA.

10. Future communication promises and possible price reductions. Get weekly sales activity updates from  the real estate agent or broker. It is important that you know what happens every week with your listed property. In addition, stay involved in the process. It is important that you have an active role in selling your home. If a price decrease is necessary, you should understand why.

Closing Comments About Working With A Real Estate Agent

So stay involved, it will help sell your home. In addition, a good indication that things are going well will be the number of showings. The more showings, the more likely your home or condo will sell. It is all in the numbers. Pay specific attention to the comments from buyers, positive and negative. A real estate agent should be passing these comments along. It gives sellers a chance to correct things if necessary. Bottom line, they should keep you informed. Also, it is should not be necessary to track down someone for this information.

We hope these 10 tips for selecting a real estate agent will be helpful. We wish you luck in your quest to purchase or sell your home or condo. Feel free to share this information with a friend or relative as well. As a result, they will thank you for it.

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  1. I liked what you said about how you should choose a real estate agent that takes notes of your needs, and really focuses on fulfilling them. My sister is looking for a home, and she has quite a few special needs she wants in her new home. I’ll have to look online and read some reviews of agents, and choose one that has been known to really go out of their way to accommodate to their clients special needs.

    • Thank you for visiting. We feel it is all about delivering value to a client as a licensed Real Estate Broker here in Naples, Florida. We are a service business, and we want our clients to feel that we deliver expert service each and every time. Unless clients feel expert service, we have not delivered value, and that would be unacceptable. It parallels what you said about accommodating special needs. We do make sure clients get expert full-service real estate guidance. Let us know if we can help in your sister’s home search.

  2. My husband and I are wanting to move into a place of our own, and we need help in finding homes for sale. It’s good to know that when it comes to finding a real estate agent that there are some factors that we need to remember before hiring. I like how you pointed out that we want someone with enthusiasm and a good attitude. This will really help with making them easier to work with, and someone I would actually want to work with.

    • We are thrilled our real estate article about selecting a quality real estate broker or agent was of value to you. Please feel free to contact us again by phone or email if we can help you further in your journey to buying your new home. We believe the first step in helping our clients is absorbing our clients wishes and dreams like they are our own.


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