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Home Inspections | Sellers Gain an Edge in Punta Gorda

Home Inspections Are A Must
Home inspections are for sellers and buyers. The sale and purchase process can be stressful enough. The seller may not understand what results to expect. Buyers as well. Home inspections attempt to convey peace-of-mind through knowledge. They often have the opposite effect. Absorbing a great deal of technical information is part of the problem. Many simply do not have the training in construction and building design. They cannot grasp the technical information. Large upscale homes, and expensive high rise properties can hide many defects too. Inspections include a written report usually emailed in portable document format (pdf). They also include photographs and environmental reports. Included is a written summary from the real estate inspector.

Home Inspections in Punta Gorda | Use Only Licensed Inspectors

Sellers Should Perform Home InspectionsHome inspection are performed by licensed home inspectors in the State of Florida. They usually have experience in residential building design. They also come from the construction trades. Some have been electricians or plumbers. Carpenters, roofers or even real estate developers can qualify too. Because these people are among the best trained in the construction trades, they spot problems easily. Water intrusion, and the problems caused by it, is one key area of focus. We have witnessed inspectors uncover thousands of dollars in required repairs. In addition, small roof leaks can become an expensive problem to fix. They need attended to quickly. Home inspections also look at HVAC systems which is heating, ventilation and air conditioning. In addition, plumbing and electrical are other focus points. Most home inspections result in maintenance recommendations and minor imperfections. These are good to know about.

Home Inspections in Punta Gorda | What To Fix

The most important items requiring repair will fall into several key categories. First of all, there is major building defects. An example of this would be a structural defect. Roof sag is one example. Consequently, problems that lead to major defects are also important. For instance, roof leaks are a concern. The potential for mold development is real. Leaks should be on your quick repair list.

Because certain problems can hinder the ability to finance or occupy the dwelling, this is a key area of focus. For example; Chinese drywall. Finally, safety hazards such as exposed wiring need fixed. Electric panels or electrical outlets could be a concern because of safety and should be checked.

Also, repair and correct problems early. You will do it and have peace of mind, and repair will cost less. In addition, you can prevent the damage before it becomes extensive. Roof leaks are a good example of this. Water can travel far from the leak point. This can cause major interior damage throughout a residence. Even mold can result if left in disrepair too long. Sellers that order home inspections offer potential buyers peace of mind. Finally, as a skilled real estate agent, we upload the written report electronically to the MLS database. We do this to convey added value to buyers.

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