Naples Florida Real Estate | Save On Selling Fees | 4 Percentage Realty

Naples Florida Real Estate | Save On Selling Fees

Naples Florida Real Estate | Save On Selling Fees

If your thinking about selling a home in the Naples Florida real estate market, contact us. We have the most effective flat fee “for sale by owner” (FSBO) program. It’s only $495 to get listed. We guide you too. Also, we offer a all services 4% listing fee where we do it all. We’re so flexible, we even let you switch from our for sale by owner package to our full service 4% package if you need more help. This means you can start with a $495 listing with our guidance. If you decide FSBO isn’t working, you can move to a 4% listing agreement anytime. Then we take over. Now that’s an offer!

Naples Florida Real Estate | Save On Commissions

Naples Florida Real Estate

For more selling advice, please read our home selling tips to learn about attracting more buyers. This information will make the overall home selling process easier. We make sure sellers have the best information. Our seller clients like that we provide that.

When selecting an agent, make sure you follow a thorough selection process. There are many important considerations. For example, how much will it cost you? We’ve got you covered on that. Another is how long will it take to find a buyer. A well-priced home is the key. Naples Florida real estate will sell quickly if priced right. We will help with that, so no worries there. Bottom line, our 30 years of experience helps sell Naples Florida real estate.

Choose us and use our four percent realtor savings calculator to calculate what you will save. The total dollar savings will amaze you. It will surely be in the thousands of dollars. It could be a savings in Realtor commissions of well over $10,000. Contact us to discuss the sale of your home. We look forward to saving you a lot of money.

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