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Home Staging | How To Do It Effectively in Naples

Home Staging The Right Way

Home staging is both art and science. In Naples, this is best accomplished by focusing on the exterior of a residence first. This is true for two reasons. First, the outside of a property is the first impression a buyer of real estate receives when arriving at the curb. This is referred to as curb appeal. This is especially important to the photos that are uploaded and presented to potential buyers in an on-line real estate search. In a Sunbelt community like Naples, the outer residence is as important as the interior. The second reason for focusing on the exterior of a property is that it is just plain inexpensive.

4 Percentage Realty Believes in Home StagingLandscaping, cleaning cobwebs, and even painting are relatively cheap. Especially when compared with many interior home staging strategies. When looking outside, it is common to freshen up curb appeal with mature landscaping and dark-brown mulch. Also, invest in four or five over-sized urns at your local nursery. Use them in the front area to accommodate flowers or other flowering plants. Purchase urns and place them at strategic locations on the exterior. Use drip irrigation to keep plants and flowers blooming. As an experienced real estate agent and broker, we know this works.

Home Staging Economically In Naples Florida

Place urns at the rear of the home too. Around a pool is a good idea. Creating the feeling of a private oasis is a good idea. Luxury homes with pools are good examples of where this type of home staging would apply. Also, using rich looking (dark brown) mulch around trees and bushes is also a must. If you are having a landscaper do the work, insist on the color. Ask to approve the color before application. These home staging tips will yield great results for sellers.

Home staging applies to plants have been in place for too long. Commonly referred to as “woody”plants, or just not looking quite as good as they should. Replace them with new plants as shown on HGTV. Nurseries really know how to groom plants. Plant nurseries use their superior skills to grow great looking plants. Training is everything they say. They use special fertilizers to deliver the lush look we like in new plants.

Lastly, do not forget cleaning. It is also worth your time. It can really help sales results too. Clean after finishing all the work. After moving around the landscaping materials. That can cause a bit of a mess. Use a broom first. Then power wash second to finish off the project. Call us to discuss home staging and saving on real estate commissions at your property.

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