Real Estate Commission Only 4% - 4 Percentage Realty

Real Estate Commission Only 4%

Real Estate Commission Only 4%

Get our 4 percent real estate commission! See for yourself what you will save in real estate agent fees by choosing Four Percent Realty. That’s right! We want to sell your home for a low 4% home selling fee.
Some real estate agents make it difficult to negotiate real estate commissions. Not us, we offer homeowners the no-haggle (4%) four percent home selling fee from the start. To see how much you can save by choosing us to sell your home, just use our sell a home and save calculator.

Lowest Real Estate Commission

We are sure you are interested because who doesn’t want to save money? The more your real property is worth, the more you save in real estate commissions. It really is that simple. Now, we know what you are thinking. You are thinking; there must be a catch, it can’t be true, could there be hidden fees? No to all of those thoughts. There are no hidden fees. We simply sell your home for a lower fee. We like saving our clients money! Why? Because it attracts more clients!

Expert Real Estate Advice

The bottom line is we save you thousands of dollars selling your home. In addition, we make sure you get expert service too. Our clients sacrifice nothing. They just save thousands of dollars on real estate commissions compared to what another local real estate agent charges for the exact same services. Also, see our Realtor selling tips. Read these in-depth articles targeted at sellers. Key topics include selecting a real estate agent. Similarly, other articles include strategies about attracting more buyers.
We know our 4% real estate commission must interest you. So let’s start selling and saving now. Just contact us and say we like what you offer. We will arrange a convenient time to view your home and sign a MLS Listing Agreement with you. We then enter your listing in the Punta Gorda MLS. We take professional looking photos and create a virtual tour after that, and then we are ready to talk to potential buyers. The real estate commission savings we offer is huge. Contact us and save.

Our 4% real estate commission is the lowest in Punta Gorda Florida